DIVI max® Foldable sound insulation partition

Stable as a pillar. Firmly on the wall.
Maximum shielding with minimum space requirement. Raised, protected zones are created that enable concentrated work and consultations in a trusting atmosphere. When pushed together, the result is free space again that neither restricts the view nor the thoughts.

  • space-saving foldable
  • Wall or column mounting
  • Opaque 360° hinges
  • Stable, smooth-running
  • Up to 300 cm shielding
  • Available in 2 heights
  • Top with easy-care Resopal surface (HLP), thickness 2 cm
  • Interior construction: stable frame construction with close-meshed honeycomb structure and acoustic fleece
  • flicker-free perforated structure
  • Aluminium frame and hinge parts

Up to 300 cm shielding

Space-saving foldable

Column mounting – free in the room

Flicker-free perforated structure

Opaque 360° hinges

Easy care surfaces

Column can be equipped with up to 4 folding walls

Available sizes

Wall mounting

Folding wall with stainless steel column 5 x 5 cm


DIVI max® top: front and back with high-quality surfaces made of HPL (high-pressure laminate) laminates from Resopal®. Veneer with perforation, unperforated edge. Interior design:
close-meshed honeycomb structure with stable frame construction with black acoustic fleece.