DIVI cube® partition walls and divider system

One profile for all applications
DIVI cube® is real all-rounder when it comes to partition walls and divider systems.
The idea is that designer universal profiles can be equipped with sound-insulating filling plates in all four directions with little effort. Variable in terms of its dimensions, easy to set up, dismantle and convert, the DIVI cube® supports a variety of uses.

Depending on your requirements, you can fit your DIVI cube® with 25 mm thick infill panels made of 100 % PET fibres with an all-round ABS edge to form an L-, U-, Z- or cross-shaped installation as a

  • temporary separation
  • Exhibition wall
  • Room dividers in Open Space
  • Noise protection from noise sources

Base plates made from 8-mm-thick sheet steel secure a stable standing

Retaining clamps with a spike hold the filling plates securely in place

Cover cap – functional finish

Can be equipped
as required

with circumferential ABS edge in felt grey

Setup in just a few steps

  • 1. Push the lower retaining clamp into the column
  • 2. Insert the sound protection plates from above
  • 3. Insert the upper retaining clamp
  • 4. Put on the cover cap – and you‘re done!

For safety reasons, we recommend always setting up the walls in an L, U, Z or cross shape.

Filling plates in three widths and two heights

Column in three heights.
Aluminium pillar 90 x 90 mm, powder-coated grey

Base plate made from 8-mm-thick sheet steel in three versions


DIVI cube® partition walls are made of 100% PET fibers, flame retardant according to DIN EN 13501-1, B-s1, d0. Pressed to 25-mm-thick inherently stiff plates with an all-round ABS edge in grey felt look for clean edges.
Available in 6 colors