Vario rail system RVS
One system – any number of options!

Sloping walls? Pointed angle? No problem! We supply wall connectors, which can be continuously adjusted up to 180 degrees. Move or renovation: The rail system is designed to adapt to new requirements at any time.

The main element of the Vario rail system is our proven anodized aluminum profile tube.

By combining with the appropriate connectors and fittings, a permanently installed, reliable and durable system is created.

The system is planned and custom-made by us for you.
Easy ordering: A simple sketch suffices!

RVS connectors, wall and ceiling connections for booths as required

with T-connector (RVS/TV) you create cabins as you wish.

Corner solutions without sharp edges
with the RVS/BV curved connector (radius 60 mm).

Change later
simply disconnect the profile tube and install the connector of your choice, e.g. linear connector RVS/LV

Cross connector
with cross connector (RVS/KV) to all directions.

Straight at the wall
Wall connector RVS/WA.

Vario wall connection RVS/WAV compensates for and levels out asymmetries up to 180° and length differences up to +/- 5 mm.

Easy above the lintel
e.g. at windows or doors using the wall connector RVS/WAS.

Anchoring via all connectors
Standard threaded hole for screwing in the adjustable ceiling mount or the ceiling bracket ensures firm support.

Anchoring on profile rail
possible along the whole length by means of square nut

Suspended at headroom height
with the adjustable ceiling mount (+/- 20 mm) RVS/DS

ropimex®– curtain rings RVS/VR made of unbreakable polyamide. Standard colour: grey. Inner diameter 34 mm

If they are loaded they release themselves from the eyelets of the curtains and therefore avoid injuries and damage to the system.

for fixation of a curtain ring at the beginning or the end of the rail.

matching curtains

Trevira®CS Bioactive
flame retardant, antimicrobial

New generation seamless hygiene curtain