with hooks fold-down and swing-out, not self-supporting

ropimex® telescopic screens are made of anodised aluminium, high-quality, glass-fibre reinforced plastics. Easy to clean and to disinfect.


RTH 300
Expandable from 140 cm to 300 cm with hook at the distal end. Weight: 1,0 kg, rings included: 25
matching curtain: TCS 330
Suitable holder: WH 95 with counter bearing GL

RTH 350
Expandable from 155 cm to 350 cm with hook at the distal end. Weight: 1,1 kg, rings included: 30
matching curtain: TCS 390
Suitable holder: WH 95 with counter bearing GL

ropimex®– curtain rings are always included with telescopic screens, telescopic arms and telescopic screen cubicles. Curtain rings can also be supplied separately. Standard colour: grey. Inner diameter: 42 mm

If they are loaded they release themselves from the eyelets of the curtains and therefore avoid injuries and
damage to the system.


WH 95
Wall mounting for all telescopic screens, die-cast aluminium, concealed screws, adjustable to compensate for unevenness of the wall, colour coated, colours: white (RAL 9010), signal grey (RAL 7004)
Height 10 cm
Width 6 cm

end support (GL)
To hang the hooks, wall mounting

Used in combination with a height-adjustable ceiling *not illustrated mount RST or with an end support (GL), with the longest telescopic arm RTH 350 you can achieve a screen length of 350 cm. With the RTH models and the ceiling mounts you can divide up any room just how you want it.

If the GL cannot be mounted, e.g. on the window, a ceiling mount is used.
The glass-fibre reinforced polyamide disc at the bottom end of the ceiling mount is used to hold the joints of the telescopic screen cubicles and the hooks of the telescopic arms, models RTH.

Extension: 45 – 75 cm
Room height: 245 – 275

Extension: 75 – 135 cm
Room height: 275 – 335 cm

Extension: 110 – 200 cm
Room height: 335 – 400 cm

matching curtains

Trevira®CS Bioactive
flame retardant, antimicrobial