Folding wall RFW

Shapely and elegant, the folding screen protects the privacy of your patients. Flexible in use as a privacy screen or room divider, the robust and shock-resistant folding wall is brought into position in a flash and folded up again to save space after use. For wall or column mounting as well as mobile solution with trolley.

Folding wall wall mounted

RFW wall mounted in parking position

Opaque 360° hinges


Accessories: claw set for supply rail

Spacer for wall mounting

  • Minimum space requirement when folded
  • opaque 360° hinges allow almost any geometry
  • translucent panels create a homely atmosphere
  • 10 colors and 5 designs to choose from
  • Panel width 30 cm
  • min. 3-leaf, shield 90 cm
  • max. 10-wing, shielding 300 cm
  • Number of panels can be extended at a later date
  • 3 heights to choose from (145/165/185 cm)
  • Care: with commercially available cleaning agents and disinfectants (ask for our test report).
  • Frame and hinge parts: Aluminum, anodized surface, stainless steel screws
  • Plastic parts: Polyamide with 15% glass fibers
  • Filling panels: Polycarbonate 2 mm white, translucent, flame retardant Building material class DIN EN13501-1, B-s1 d0, extremely impact resistant

Folding wall mobile - with chassis

Mobile folding walls that are used here today and there tomorrow offer the greatest possible spatial flexibility in everyday care and treatment.

Individually brakable smooth running rolls

Easy to operate lifting mechanism


Opaque 360° hinges

RFW movable in parking position

  • Mounting on the chassis
  • max. 10-wing, shielding 300 cm
  • 2 heights to choose from (145/165 cm)
  • Chassis base 52 x 59 cm

Note: Mounted on a chassis, the folding screen is mobile only. It is not possible to mount the device on a wall, device rail or column.

Folding wall column mounted

Stainless steel column, 5 x 5 cm, for fixed mounting of max. 4 folding walls anywhere where no wall is available. Available in 3 heights (145/165/185 cm).

Available in 10 colors and 4 design variants

Full area

  • Optional continuous or wing-by-wing occupancy
  • Standard color: white, translucent
  • Foiling on both sides, translucent

Design Retro

Design Flowers

Design Ginkgo

Design Monsters

Design variants:

  • can be combined wing by wing with FULL AREA
  • Foiling one sided
  • the white translucent polycarbonate allows the design on the back to show through
  • Specify right or left stop

Mounting folding wall wall mounted

Mounting folding wall mobile